Saturday, October 1, 2022

Sunday Muse #230


Welcome friends to another week at the Muse!  This time we have a theme that probably speaks for itself.  Don’t forget to visit others along the way, and above all else, have fun everyone!


Photography by Erkin Demir

Artwork photography by Antonio Mora

Don’t Rely on Your Fate, Your Destiny is in Your Hands’ by Rooney

Photography by Shireen Hardan

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Sunday Muse #229

 This week is a no theme kind of week with maybe a couple that could dance together but that is all.  I hope that one of these lights the fire of your muse. Added note: I try very hard not to re-use an old picture unless it is our 100 anniversary week, but I think that after all this time, there are going to be times that I mess up and duplicate an image.  Maybe you won't notice, and maybe you will, but just know I do try not to do that.  Anyway, I look forward to reading your words, and as always, have fun everyone!

Carrie 💛

"See the Light" by Giulio Bernardi

Photography by Gregory Colbert Click here to learn more.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Sunday Muse #228

You have arrived at another week at the Muse, and I am so happy you did!  I am sure you can see the running theme here.  Venture through the vintage images and choose the one that speaks the loudest to your muse.  I look forward to seeing where they lead you!

Have fun everyone!

❤ Carrie

Theda Bara in Cleopatra 1917

Louise Brooks, fashion icon of the 1920's

 Ballerina Sofia Fedorova

Pina Bausch

Julie Newmar

Lisa Fonssagrives standing on the Eiffel Tower taken by Erwin Blumenfeld

Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt

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