Saturday, September 26, 2020

We've Got Cows...and Footnotes Muse # 127


Greetings, all! It's soooo close to spooky season that I can barely stop myself from breaking out my copy of Practical Magic and beginning my annual re-read (and, of course re-watching the movie...the differences between the two make me oddly happy). But it's NOT YET time for spooky, just for wild weather. And so...we've got cows*. A cow.+ Not a flying cow. Although it could have just landed. You decide. Looking forward to seeing what's on your minds & your screens this week!

*Reference to the movie Twister. 

+ One of my 'real-life' spooky stories involved a black cow that would sometimes come to the creek running through Camp Pryor when I was a Brownie (scout). There were all kinds of rumors about WHAT THAT WAS just through the trees. I mean, you're sleeping in platform tents that you first had to sweep free of large wolf spiders and it's hot and you can see the brush moving on the other side but you can't really see it. But I'm sure this cow is perfectly friendly...

Friday, September 18, 2020

Sunday Muse #126

 Fireblossom here. You know the drill: dig it, write it, link it, visit others, turn into a bird and fly away. ;-)

Image: Brooke Shaden

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Sunday Muse # 125


Morning Musers!  I hope your day is starting out good! It is another weekend and another image to get you typing or pick up a trusty pen.  You know the score:
~Ponder the image~
~Write your heart out~
~Link here~
~& visit others along the way~
Have fun everyone!

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Sunday Muse # 124


Hello Magnificent Musers!  It is Carrie this week, bringing you an image to muse over. 
I hope you all are staying safe, and doing well.  You know how the story goes:
~Linger in thought over the image~
~Write, write, write~
~Link here~
~Visit your Muse friends along the way~
& Have fun everyone!!