Saturday, May 30, 2020

Sunday Muse # 110

"Rocket" by Brad Phillips

Good morning Musers!
 We are glad you have arrived today!
  Now get your seat belts & helmets on,
 brace yourself,
 and prepare for lift off......
... here we go......
let the image move you to write
link up here
don't forget to
visit others along the way.
Have fun everyone!

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Sunday Muse # 109

"Snow White & Rose Red" art by Kerry Darlington

Hey there Musers!  This one is for all you Gemini writers out there! I think we have a couple around here.  Happy Birthday weekend to Shay!
We hope you have a long and lovely weekend my beautiful friend!
Anyway, here is the spheel:
Link Here
Visit Others/Be Sociable
& above all else,
Have Fun Everyone!!

Friday, May 15, 2020

Sunday Muse #108

Hello Muse people! Here is your weekly image to inspire your writing. Look, mull, write, link,visit! The image is the Aztec Theater in downtown San Antonio, Texas. Once a grand movie palace with full faux Aztec decor inside including ornate pillars, by the time I lived there it was a bargain movie house called the Aztec 3 because it was divided into three theaters. By the time I visited some years later, it was closed. However, I understand that it is being used once again, as a venue for concerts and whatnot. I'm glad the old girl has found new love. 

You, of course, may take the image in any (poetic) direction you like!

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Sunday Muse # 107

Happy Saturday Musers!  It is Carrie hosting this week, and I am glad you have arrived!!
While you are here, I want to wish all you ladies out there with children or not, a wonderful Mothers Day!  Every woman is a mother in some way to someone.  Next week will be hosted by the awe-inspiring & phenomenal talent Shay!  As always she brings something delightful to the table to partake!  I am looking forward to it!!
Okay, let's get started...
you know the plan:
*Let the image warm your muse*
*Link here*
*Visit others along the way*
Have fun everyone!!

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Sunday Muse # 106

"A distant future" photography by Raluca Caragea

Hello Musers one and all! We are delighted you are here for another weekend of musing!
You know the drill:
Let the image move you to write/ link up here / & visit others along the way.
Have fun everyone!