Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Wednesday Muse ~Cicadas!

Last week the prompt was butterflies. This week the prompt is cicadas. This time of year cicadas are sawing, buzzing, thrumming away.
To me this sound represents the sound of summer, the beginning of the end of summer. 

Cicadas in ancient times and cultures represented rebirth, renewal. Beautiful sculptures of colored jade, stone, wood were carved and are now in museums.

Write me a poem about the summer winding down. The last bounty of vegetables from the garden, the days getting shorter. Any signs you see or hear or feel in your part of the country. In just a few short weeks it will be September.

Write about rebirth and/or renewal if you would rather. Write both if you like! Write away! Link your poem to Mr. Linky and don't forget to visit the other poets. If someone comments on your poem, return the courtesy. This is how our community grows. Snd visit back later in the week!

Here is the sound of cicadas: https://youtu.be/mah26og11ms


  1. Wonderful prompt Toni! I am ready for summer to end!

  2. Fabulous prompt Toni
    Fascinating creatures.
    I do not agree with Carrie, or you, I wish the summer would never end.

    1. ....oh Eddie, but how hot is it where you are? I guess I am a wuss with the heat. LOL

    2. A mere 70 degrees. Bit less when it rains. Lol

  3. Shay ... I'm hoping you have been getting my comments.