Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Wednesday Muse: The Beach

Howdy. It is Wednesday and I am musing. Actually, I am thinking about the beach, or the lake, or the river. I am thinking about September looming large over the horizon.  

Write about whatever floats your boat whatever the surface may be. Give me a poem about the ocean, the lake, the end of summer...make it sad, funny, wistful, climate change and the rising of the oceans - not any creatures in peril though. Write about walking in the surf, sitting on a pier, the blue of the water.  You get my drift. Write about love on the sand if you have a mind too. Boardwalks, sunburns, salt water taffy, the smell of french fries or fried clams.  It is up to you.

Comment on the other poets' works too. Just don't drop and run. Have fun with this prompt.
Photo by Rebeca G Souza from Pexels


  1. Thank you Carrie. I thought we needed to get our feet wet and search for shells!

  2. I seem to be stuck on memories of my little brother at the moment, so... I've linked a cherita fed my now-gone days with him at the beach.

    1. I look forward to reading it Magaly! I am so glad you joined us! ☺

  3. I just lounged last Sunday, lakeside... a beautiful mountain lake with swan, ducks, and a picnic... sigh.

  4. Sorry to miss this one (stuck on the couch with a summer head cold...it's like having your own personal alien buddy :P )! Looking forward to traveling to beaches with everyone else. :)

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