Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Wednesday Muse - Summer Rain

Hello Wednesday Musers!  Let's get wet.  Summer rain runs the gamut from light brief showers to pouring down deluge to long soft rains.

I would like for you all to write a poem about summer rain. It it is the welcome rain after a long drought, the brief shower that occurs while the sun is shining or the sudden kablam! of a sudden rain that occurs out of the blue.

Let's also read the poems of people we have not commented on before. Let us be the welcome rain after a drought of comments.

Get out your umbrellas! Let's write!


  1. Hot and dry summer...I think about...SNOW!

  2. Snow and rain sound good. Love the prompt Toni. I have been sick the last few days, so I will probably not make it, but hope to next week. :-)

  3. This prompt reminded me of my days in my 'other' country of the relief of rain after a lengthy dry spell in December.. Thanks for sharing...