Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wednesday Muse #7 A Beautiful Mess

Hello Wednesday Musers!  today we are going to explore the Japanese art of Kintsugi and how to make the most of breaks, cracks, mistakes.  Kintsugi is the repairing of a break or a crack with gold. It was created in the 5th century when a shogun broke his favorite tea cup.  He didn't want to throw the cup away but he wanted to continue to use it.

In the 16th century , Japanese tea ceremony users rebelled against the taste of  opulence instead of prizing  simple items marked by time and usage.  The glue or epoxy had been used for centuries - mixing gold with the sap of the rhus tree. Instead of discarding marred or broken objects, the cracks and lines were filled with gold, thus calling attention to the lines made by time and rough use. the art of kintsukuroi emphasizes the beauty of the breaks turning the problem into beauty.

It puts the item into reuse and keeps it from being wasted.  Kintsugi corresponds to the Japanese notions of "mottainai" an expressions of regret and waste and "mushin", the need to accept change.  You don't expect other people to be perfect  It's evidence that we are all fallible, that we heal and grow.

It is absurd to be embarrassed  about missteps and failures. Basho said, "Again and again I think of the mistakes I've made in my clumsiness over the years". .Errors can be the most m most important experiences of all. Things fall apart - life, relationships, jobs...a life well lived can be a source of pride rather than shame.  We don't have to be flawless like we are all brand new objects manufactured for Instagram.  White hair, lined skin, scars, the extra pounds that show your gusto for life. -these things can be seen as signs you're doing something right, that you persist.

The kinstugi approach  makes the most of what already is, highlights the beauty of what we already have, flaws and all.  I would like you all to write a poem in any form about the healing in your life - how you have repaired the cracks and breaks, about your scars, how you have triumphed or are trying to persist.  How you let the light shine through the cracks, how you grow stronger.  Be sure to slink up on Mr. Linky and visit the others who post! Show us the gold holding us all together!


  1. Great prompt. I'll see what can do.

  2. Yes, I absolutely love this one Toni! I will try my best to link today....there has been bad weather in my neck of the woods. I usually do my posting and linking from work, so that may delay me abnormally.

  3. Hello. Thanks for the prompt.