Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wednesday Muse #10 : Shinrin Yoku

Hello Wednesday Musers!  Today, we are going to take a forest bath.  A what???  Shinrin Yoku - the Japanese term for forest bathing - immersing oneself into a  a green experience, a tree experience.

We don't all have access to a forest.  We might have access to a park with trees, a walk we take with a tree or trees along the way, a tree seen from our window.

We talk to trees, hugs them, climb them, stroke them.  We look at them from afar or close up.  We look at trees in the mountains, by the ocean, in a city.

Shinrin Yoku - This is the healing way of Forest Therapy.  It is the medicine of simply being in the forest.  So write about tree healing.  Write about how trees soothe your spirit.  Being among trees heal us.  Write about imagine being healed by a tree or made happy.  This is a simple prompt for you all.  It is about healing, it is about peace, it is about calm.


  1. Another wonderful prompt Toni! Love this!

  2. I've always found a walk in the woods to be the most calming thing i know.

  3. Did you see that thing on facebook about the intricate designs in bark when looked at through a magnified lens? I was astonished.