Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Night Sky

Hello fellow musers! Happy May Day!  It is again Wednesday and I am delighted to prompt you all with The Night Sky.  I love the night sky - watching for meteors during meteor showers, sitting on my back steps looking up in wonder and amazement, when I was single driving out to the country in NC and parking somewhere and breathing in the lush summer darkness and the sky.

Write whatever you want and in whatever form you desire about the night sky - gazing at it blurred with city light pollution, in the country when it is black and looking up at the stars, watching the moon rise...anything that pertains to the night sky.

I have a funny story to share.  Years ago when we first moved into our little neighborhood, I would take my telescope and set it on the front lawn and look at the stars.  One night a police cruiser came by and stopped and asked, what are you doing?  I told them honestly I was looking at the stars, an old hobby since childhood.  I invited them to look at what I was looking at.  they both looked and laughed and went on their way.  Apparently some of the neighbors were afraid I was looking at them!!  I visited around the next day, introduced myself and my hobby.  The next night, two neighbors joined and confirmed that I was indeed looking at the stars.  Twenty years later, they have gotten used to my insomniac habits and no longer notice me walking about at all hours or looking through the telescope.

if you have a similar story you would like to share, I'd love to hear it.  So...write away friends.  Visit the other writers as well.  Have fun!


  1. I remembered to visit on Wednesday this time! What a great subject and story, too. let me see what can come up with.

  2. Oh my goodness, your neighbours sound rather paranoid, lol. I have a funny story too. In 1977, my children and I lived in a desert valley, not much around but a few bare evening the neighbours came to tell us there was something strange hovering over the trees outside. We all went out to look. It was round and it hovered over the treetops for a good long while. There were no lights that I remember and NO SOUND, so whatever propelled it was not man-made. A UFO of some sort. I called police and they said they had had several reports from other people. When it left, it just slowly slid away, still no sound. The funny part is that my ten year old son, who was gaga about space, brought his telescope out, babbling in his excitemnt the whole while he was setting it up: "Oh my God! It's a UFO! Unbelievable! Holy CRAP!" (looking into the lens) - "It's Saturn. Oh. No. It's my eyeball. I forgot to take off the lens cap." LOL.

  3. Fun story--and you got to meet your neighbors, too.

  4. Love the prompt, and your story is wonderful and funny Toni! I love it!!

  5. Back after some time away.. Great prompt as always..