Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Sunday Muse: Wednesday Muse #8 Garden Spot

Hello Wednesday Musers!  I hope you all are having lovely weather!  It is moving into summer and with the thought of summer comes...Gardens!  Large ones, small ones, container gardens, gardens on terraces and porches.
I have moved from a large veggie garden to a small container garden on my back steps.  I grow tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers, and squash.  I am a practical, not decorative gardener.  Herbs and a few marigolds to keep the bugs away.  A container of different radishes and lettuces.  I used to plant a huge garden and can tomatoes and freeze summer corn.  Now I drive out to the country to buy a couple of boxes of tomatoes and dozens of ears of corn.  I also buy peaches to freeze for during the winter.
Besides veggie and flower gardens, there are also large (0r small) water feature gardens, rock and gravel gardens, parks in the city with flowers, and neighborhood gardens.  This year I am going to stop working in a local food bank and volunteer for a local organization that has gardens in the inner city, in food deserts.  They teach kids and adults how to grow veggies and then how to prepare them.  A wonderful group of people!

I would like you all to write a poem about your garden - whether it be one container of a tomato plant, flowers on a terrace, or your entire back yard filled up with statuary, flowers, and roses.

So get out there, and garden!  or write a poem about memories of a garden or gardening, walking in the warm soil of a veggie garden, the smell of roses - anything pertaining to a garden!  How you work out your frustrations or how you find peach - share with us!  BONUS!  Share a pic of your garden, even if at this point it is just a few sprouting plants.


  1. Toni, I love your garden pictures. I, too, have moved from large gardens (fields, really) to small container gardens through the years. I grow things for my mouth and soul to eat: tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, strawberries (on the fruit/veggie department) and passiflora and citrus tress and herbs for the tea and cooking department. I also grow daisies, my favorite flowers, to share with the bees. And, of course, I always continue to grow whatever life plants people give me, which how I ended up with my amaryllis, ivy, dragon's breath, dragon's blood and a few others. In the end, they all serve a practical purpose--I don't think I would be able to survive those months when I can barely leave the house, if I wasn't able to care for (and delight in) my wee garden.

    Thank you for such a lovely prompt. 🌱🥦🌱

  2. I love your garden pics too Toni! You have such a green thumb!! I love this prompt, but I probably will not be in the blogger world for the rest of the week. I am doing some last minute planning for a local Author Fair that my writers group is participating in. Also, I will be meeting Susie Clevenger in person! I am so excited!! I will let you all know how it goes, and I am sure we will both have photos on FB as well. :-)

  3. I love this prompt. Am struggling with fatigue and a Bad Head this week, Toni, so far no poetry, but we'll see what happens. I LOVE your photos and especially love that you will work with the community garden people, a gift that truly will keep on giving. I loved the huge garden I had, the entire back yard, when my kids were young. I also love my small pots of blooms on the deck of my apartment this spring which are bringing me joy. I will try to write later.

  4. I managed one. Shay's amazing poem sparked two lines of mine and I went from there. Carrie, it is so wonderful that you and Susie will meet and read on the same platform. Wow! We want photos!!!!

  5. Not so much a garden for me but a trigger that reminds me of farming for living back in the day.. Fascinating prompt as always..

  6. ... gorgeous gardens... and I was inspired by Shay and Sherry!