Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Let's Dance

Hello Musers! Today I am going to introduce you to an easy form: the Quadrille. This form was created by the poets at dVerse Poets Pub in honor of their sixth anniversary.  Also as a side note and an apology.  I have clinical depression and it has jumped on me bad.  I am in the process o reading your poems from last week.  I do apologize for not getting back to you all sooner. I can't imagine how it makes you all feel.  I am truly sorry.

A quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words exckuding the title. It can be of any style as long as it is 44 words exactly. It can rhyme or not, it can be a haibun, it can be a tanka. Usualky the quadrille prompt includes a word for the day. I am just going to let you all write to your choice.

Below is a haibun ( a Japanese prosimetric form, tight prose followed by a seasonal haiku):

Haibun:  The Balloon
The day I buried my mother's ashes was a hot summer day. I untied the balloon from my wrist and let it go. I watched it rise quickly to the sky.
balloon rises to heaves
and clears the trees -
my heart goes with it.

So. Please write a poem of exactly 44 words. Easy peasy!


  1. Thank you Toni for another wonderful prompt, and no apologies needed. Depression is a force all it's own. The fact you are doing what you are just shows how amazing you are. Take care friend. <3

  2. Unless I missed something, it didn't have to be about dancing. Cos my poem isn't.

    1. You did right and fine Shay. I am the one that took the dance steps....LOL, but I do not think that had to be the subject. Loved yours by the way!

  3. Toni, the prompts have been a good stretch (I'm a lazy re: form). Thanks for posting them.

  4. Hi Toni, I fully intend having a shot at this but unfortunately have not caught up with some big garden projects. Also last week I was without the internet. May be a little later in a few days I will do tomorrow's 25th and this one. Thanks.

  5. At long last I have limped over the finishing line . . . :)