Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wednesday Muse #1

Hello. Welcome to the first Wednesday Muse. This will be a series of word prompts rather than picture prompts. I thank Carrie for so graciously sharing her blog with me.

To give you a little background, my name is Toni Spencer and I specialize in Japan and Japanese prompts. But not always. Today I am going to introduce you to an easy peasy form known as the gogyoshi. The poem consists of exactly five lines. No syllable counting, no content requirements , No rhythm or rhyme requirements. Just...five lines. Isn't that easy?

The Japanese are into the seasons, change, and something called mono no aware (mo•no ah•wah•ray.  It means, sadness or wistfulness at the passing of things. If you want to use this or the spring as a theme for your poem, please do.

I hope you enjoy this first Wednesday Muse. I look forward to meeting you all.


  1. Bring it on, Toni . . . lol

    Look forward to having a 'bash' . . :)

  2. Last week, when I saw that "Solitude" was going to be the Poets United Midweek Motif topic for today, I wasn't sure what I was going to write. Nothing came to mind, then I saw your description of "mono no aware", in the comments of the last Sunday Muse, and the ink began to take shape during a walk in the woods. So thank you, Toni. Here is my first contribution to the Wednesday Muse:

    And I, too, look forward to reading everyone else's yum.

    1. Thank you Magaly! I love that some things spur us on to poetry and not always the same things.

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  4. Hey fren. Good to see you here with a new Muse-ing. I will see what I can come up with, 5 lines LONG enough??? (runz....)

    1. LOL fren. Five lines is more than long enough. Ezra Pound wrote a breath taking gut wrenching poem in two lines. I aint Ezra but I try fren, I try.

  5. Hi Ho and wow, what a great idea - a new prompt for a Wednesday. Totally cool and exciting to have something else going on as well. So thanks to you Carrie for the hosting and allowing Toni to come to play. It sounds exciting and intriguing and of course, full of all kinds of possibilities :D

    And I'm just a wee bit confused, not regarding this particular prompt though - I love gogyoshi (I want to write go-go-yoshi?!) ... so that's all cool, but what happened to the link up for the Sunday muse itself, the last one, etc.?
    and just another "techie" think for you Carrie - but how come your site here doesn't have an archive listing? just curious because even if you figure that once the weekly prompt has closed and changed for the new one, it still would be kind of nice to be able to quickly double back to see the progression of images and then responses - but that brings me right back to the Linky having disappeared etc. Is there some sort of techie thing going on at Linky's end? anyhow ... just curious and wondering ...

    so thanks again to you Carrie and to you Toni --- wonderful prompt - haven't linked yet ... and may just have to write several because 5 line poems are cool and the suggestions of mono no aware and/or spring is deliciously exciting.

    1. I will put archives on Pat. That is a great idea! As far as the link, unless we upgrade we can only have one link at a time. Thank you so much for joining us today! 😎(if you have any other ideas please share) i am not high tech at all! LOL

    2. cool about the archives .... and I'm going to pick your brain, because it's been a few months since I had to use
      (as in set up) Mr. Linky - but when you say, "one link at a time" - are you referring to the one link system per day? or did they change something - because if you're running multiple prompts, on different days, all you need to do is change the date in the html code yourself. You don't even need to sign in on the day needed etc. etc.

      so here: - the standard html jazz bit from them - using the "Step 1: Everything else" - step 2: "original auto linkies" - then choosing the 'title- i.e. unconscious mutterings then "generate code"

      so let's say the code is: without the <>tags, because it won't show up properly here in the comments

      link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" href="//" /script type="text/javascript" src="//"
      scriptscript type="text/javascript" src="//"scriptscript type="text/javascript" src="//"scriptscript type="text/javascript" src="// postid=28Mar2019 &meme=um"script

      so what you need to do, is simply go the last bit -
      postid=28Mar2019 --- and change the day ...
      so it would then read

      so in essence, once you've opened up each new month, the whole code stays the same, except for that last bit - the "post id + date format"

      so, for example, come April 1, say, you log in, get your code for a new muse post and you'll have the new "date code" however it will be done up, and all you have to do, then is change the number to suit the needed date, for each muse (Sunday or Wednesday) post.

      and each time you change the "date" code (as in the actual number and nothing else) your whole brand new "link" thing should show up, without any hassles and problems and is assigned to that specific date - on your site. So unless you're trying to run more than one prompt post on the same day, you shouldn't have a problem configuring for Toni - because her prompts don't play at the same time.

      And all this to say, unless Linky changed something, but I don't think they did. I just did a test run on my site, and it worked out fine.

      Did this help any?

    3. Your awesome Pat! I will try that. Like i said before i am not tech savy at all. Mr Linky racked my brain from get go! LOL Shay helped me in the beginning too. 😎

    4. no problems Carrie -
      basically, what it boils down to is this: as a registered linky user, you can claim between 28 and 31 new linky systems per calendar month (based on the number of days) - it's just the date part that changes in the code.
      And if you have more than one prompt host, and they have registered there too, then they too have the same number of "claims" as well - in that case, their code is the same, except for the bit that says "owner", so this bit in the code:owner=HELPME33 (by example)
      - so what it comes down to, is like the vitamins called "one a day" - and the only other way around it is to have multiple accounts (using different email addresses, or having multiple hosts with their codes) or, of course, upgrading, I suppose.

      Anyhow, this should be what it is and work out fine now. Without making the link system disappear on any of the other posts.

      right then, you can always holler if there is something else:

      and have a most wonderful day :)

  6. Love the promt. Oops.. But I made a mistake and only wrote four lines. Yikes! :-)

  7. Sorry everyone, I was trying to try something with the linky and messed it up. Ya'll can re connet your link if you like. We will get this figured out one way or another.

  8. Thought I'd stepped through a time gate for a minute . . . lol
    That's ok, Carrie.
    Sometimes difficu;t to get a computed programme to do what we want . . . :
    See you tomorrow . . . :)

    1. Thanks Eddie, I needed that. Mr. Linky is not my friend. LOL Hopefully next week I will have the linky set up right like Pat had showed me. See you tomorrow Eddie. :-)

  9. I loved this prompt, Toni, and then I saw that #2 was also posted, so I wrote to that one, too. But now it seems that #2 has disappeared.

    1. Yes. Mr. Linky was bad as was blogger. It will post again on Wednesday. the theme will be the same! thank you so much Misky.

    2. I see you have posted two poems on the Mr. Linky. I have responded to them. The first is perfection. The second is I more complicated. I like both of them but the first one, tugs at my heart.